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Roberto Tiranti Concrete Casting Elements

Mosaic - Stone Bathroom Sink

Mosaic - Stone Bathroom Sink

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Mosaic sink, innovation in your bathroom. As if chiseled from cobble, this round sink basin is denoted by a speckled finish in sandy shades of brown, taupe and tan. Inspired by the grainy texture of sandstone, the handmade sink carries with it natural vibes perfect for creating peaceful ambiance in a spa-like washroom, powder room or bathroom. Is a new technic made with small pebble and sand.

Style : Innovation | Name : Stone & Sand | Color : Brown | Weight : 11 Kg Size : 40 x 15,5 h / cm | 15,74 x 6,10 h / inches

Created to last a lifetime, it is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic that creates a hard surface. 

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