Some things are just set in stone. Dedicated to showcasing the aesthetic abilities, creative contrast and artistic qualities of a material otherwise associated with urban industrialization, I invite you to embark on this journey of enlightenment with me. All handmade out of cement, the sink tops, trays, planters and miscellaneous home goods featured in my collections brilliantly typify turn-of-the-century western tradition mixed with modern trends of minimalism.

Born and raised in Greece and a graduate of interior design from a college in Rome, I have used my travels, education and experiences to influence my cement art in various colors, shapes and sizes.

ilusia concrete sink

Like any natural form of rock, concrete is characterized by imperfections such as bubbling, roughened textures and veining. And though some may see these imperfections as eyesores, I view them as signs of beauty. A sculptor with an appreciation for earth's rawest beauty, I apply an artistic and naturalistic approach when crafting my cement creations. Raw, unfinished and poured to flow naturally, the concrete brings with it character to take on its own personality.

Committed to providing every customer with a world class hands-on experience, I handle all correspondence myself. That's right.
I communicate personally with customers to make sure every need is met.

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