Q: Just wondering if your sinks have a seal that prevents it from getting stained or damaged?

 A: All our sinks go through an extensive preparation process where they are sanded, sealed, sanded again and then 3 coats of polyurethane sealer are applied over the following days resulting in a finished surface which is very hard and stain-proof.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning them?

A: The best way to maintain your sinks beauty and original appearance is to use non-abrasive sponges (micro-fiber is ideal) and neutral cleaning products. Do not use abrasive sponges, chlorine and other chemical based products (which would not destroy the sink but will gradually destroy the smooth surface).

Q: Is there any way to get this sooner?

A: The production process takes 10 days. The quality would be compromised if the process were shorter.

We have some ready to dispatch. Ask us which styles and colors are available.

Q: Is there is a possibility to match the colour of the sink with my tiles? Can I have a custom colour?

A: Yes of course we can but please note that the colours are made with pigments (mixed in with the cement). Therefore, the result will definitely be the same colour but the same tone cannot be guaranteed.

In any case, as an interior designer, my recommendation in order to create a beautiful, stylish bathroom that you contrast instead of matching colours. For example, the result of a yellow or a red sink in a grey bathroom is outstanding.

Q: Does the sink come with the waste/plug set? If not will a standard set fit okay?

A: No it doesn’t. The diameter of the sink hold is 4cms and the universally available ones are suitable. Please be sure to get the click/clack without overflow.

Q: What is the guarantee that you offer?

A: 2 years guarantee as long as you follow the cleaning instructions.

Q: What if it comes damaged/broken?

A: The sinks are packaged extremely carefully. First with Styrofoam around the sides inside a cardboard box and then Styrofoam again in a second box. In the event that upon unpacking it is damaged, send us a photo immediately and we will proceed with a new sink without any extra cost to you.

Q: What is a concrete sink?

A: Our concrete sinks are one-of-a-kind, beautiful in there imperfection and not to be compared to porcelain. My approach is artistic and has been received very well by the niche market both here and internationally.

Q: What is the delivery time? 

A: Delivery time is 5 working days in Europe and 10 -15 working days world-wide.