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Roberto Tiranti Concrete Casting Elements

Flut - White Concrete Sink

Flut - White Concrete Sink

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A visible testament of imaginative design, this handmade off white colored concrete sink puts targeted emphasis on artistic expression. Crafted by hand, each sink is individually unique. Wavy edges form asymmetrical shapes for a textured finish that supports an artistically adept round washbasin which so confidently walks to the beat of its own drum. This beautiful round concrete sink is filled with our high-strength concrete mix and sealed with strong and ecological concrete seals. It is definitely suitable for any bathroom obedience. If you are interested in other color changes, please let me know. This is beautifully crafted and 100% handmade with a particular asymmetrical design. One amazing thing about its size is big enough to wash your hands but at the same time small enough to fit practically anywhere. You will really love having this product at your home. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests!

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