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Roberto Tiranti Concrete Casting Elements

Witi - Dark Green Bathroom Sink

Witi - Dark Green Bathroom Sink

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Dark green is a color that captures the enchantment of the jungle, but it also represents renewal, rejuvenation and ambition. Decorate your vanity top with the tempting lure of this handmade sink top in a decadently deep shade of emerald green. A truly ravishing colored cement block sink top perfected by hand.

Style : Spiritual | Name : Witi | Color : Dark Green | Weight : 18 Kg Size : 51 x 32 x 12,5 h / cm 

The uniqueness of my handmade designs is what makes each one a custom work of art. I'm proud to say I personally oversee the creation of each and every product to present my customers with masterful depictions of artistry. Due to the variable nature of concrete, every sink has its own unique marbling, veining, cratering and spotting. This means imperfections and irregularities can naturally occur. To assure you get the best piece for your needs, I carefully inspect each product before shipping and also offer custom colors. Caring for your new handmade sink is actually quite easy. I recommend you clean it with neutral soap and a soft towel to maintain its natural beauty. I'm confident in the quality of anything I put my name on, so all of my handcrafted goods are backed by a 2-year guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests!

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